Preparing for their annual school function. 

Raza Foundation in Bangalore, India. A school dedicated to educating children who were sent into the labour industry at an early age and hence were forced to drop out or were not able to afford formal education. 

Benazeer Baig, the Gentle Revolutionary of Bismillah Nagar, Bangalore, is the Founder Secretary of Raza Educational and Social Welfare Society. Her inspiring journey began in 1994.Bismillah nagar was a scrap center where all sorts of metallic scrap was broken down and traded. The colony, largely Muslim, was also home to many small factories and garages with inhuman working conditions. What moved her was the sight of young boys working in these factories. Not only were these children deprived of any opportunities to study, the hazardous work environment inflicted terrible damage to their health. Benazeer took upon herself the challenges of eradicating this callous exploitation of children. Thus was born Raza.

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